Guest comic by Ronnie Filyaw

June 13th, 2011

Guest comic by Ronnie Filyaw

Here is a guest strip by the beautiful Ronnie Filyaw, who makes a comic called Whomp!

He is an awesome dude, and he is so dang good at drawing comics that it makes me furious


actually forget it, just go and look at his comics (while i punch his face)


Discussion (25)¬

  1. BadJudgementWizard says:

    is that jeff but less grotesque?

  2. threshold says:

    he almost got me, too.

  3. tmcve says:

    by the way, “Fleischer” means “butcher” auf Deutsch :3 so it looks like the wannabe Copernicus should be named Fleischer o.O

  4. Admin says:


  5. Chris says:

    aaargh copernicus is so stupid for letting that happent to him. im so mad i… i… I COULD RIP HIS FACE OFF!!!…wait…

  6. J-Man says:

    I really want to trust Copernicus, I really do…

  7. Cpt. Oscar Martini says:

    Excellent. I enjoyed this quite a bit.

  8. Cpt. Oscar Martini says:

    Um, I have a question about the thing next to the name of the person who did the comment. Why is it wrong? It’s telling me that I commented tomorrow morning…

  9. Vic says:

    This comic addresses my deepest fear of someone disguising themselves as my best friend by slipping seamlessly into their skin.

    Well, there would probably be seams. Skin suits are difficult to make.

  10. 10001110101 says:

    This reminds me of an Explosm comic for those of you who came here because of Explosm.

  11. iloveradiohead :3 says:

    and next they’re gonna dance in front of a camera with their junk tucked between their legs.

  12. Fletcher says:

    @Cpt. Oscar Martini: because it IS tomorrow morning where I am. Timezones are spooky.

    Good spotting though, I didn’t realize it showed the same time for everybody. I’ve changed it to the time in California, because that is the place that seems to have the most readers.

    No offense intended to everyone else, your timezones are equally as attractive!

  13. feriwan says:

    Is it the one ‘I can’t come to work cause I have no face?’

  14. 10001110101 says:

    I was thinking of the “face-book” one.
    I don’t actually remember since it took me about a year for me to finish all the stuff in the archive and I have short-term memory loss.

  15. Fletcher says:

    @10001110101 ???

    (not safe for people who don’t like piles detached faces)

  16. New Guy says:

    This is my second time looking at the comic,
    and I just noticed it wasn’t done by you.

  17. Neccy says:

    The last panel is just pure win. :D

  18. Douglas says:


    Did Copernicus lose weight? his skin seems kind of loose on him.

    You should set the timezone to Iraq, for me.

  19. fluffy bunny slippers says:

    What time zone is Santa on?

  20. Cpt. Oscar Martini says:


    Where are you at exactly? Because that is a pretty large time difference.

  21. Fletcher says:

    @Cpt. I’m in New Zealand! We exist outside your current timeline, we simply observe your race for scientific purposes.

  22. Cpt. Oscar Martini says:

    New Zealand? That’s a relief. For a while I thought you were British..

  23. Kat says:

    Ok, this is just disturbing…

  24. Kalium Puceon says:

    Is that…
    Duck and Coveeeeeer!!

  25. Farte (3≈}) Butte says:

    He asks that question because he knows Copernicus percieves colors differently. Bright rainbow colors make him retch, and he enjoys hellish and unholy shades of brimstone.