135 – feared and respected

November 30th, 2010

135 – feared and respected

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why… why are you not kneeling?

don’t make me eat more bugs

i’ll do it! don’t make me do it!


Discussion (39)¬

  1. Neil says:

    I do the same thing with humans.

  2. Good man says:

    That bug had a lot of jelly in it.

  3. Dr. Raptor says:

    Hah! I do it with double humans, they’re like humans, only double. Yeah.

  4. Claktastic says:


  5. Fletcher, I love your Butt-chin in the last panel, two back to back comics to add to my “Funny Faces of Fletcher” collage

  6. plasticinsect says:

    Dammit, now I’m all hungry.

  7. Mok says:

    bleh I can taste it

  8. Brían says:

    My friend done the same thing with a cinema ticket for ’300′…it worked too!

  9. bavarian says:

    i did the same with a hamburger. that is if by power you mean calories…

  10. threshold says:

    Also, butts.

  11. Holzy says:

    EPIC BEETLE POWER!!!! I kneel at your epicness.

  12. ryan_davis says:

    Those lines really made panel two quite action-y.

  13. Ceam says:

    I do the same thing with GODS.
    *kneels anyway*

  14. Mister Angry Face says:

    dear god the humans have learned of our secret i must warn my brothers

  15. Hank says:

    i didn’t particularly like the jokes in the last two comics
    but the new visual direction is very nice to the eyes
    very nice indeed!
    kneel to fletch!

  16. Wisdom says:


  17. Corter says:

    these are getting stranger and stranger… i love them!

  18. Drasher says:

    *drops to knees and kisses feet*
    HAIL, Your godlineess!

  19. Honya says:


  20. Alfie says:

    *nuclear exploion*

  21. Zeo5115 says:

    Thats what my friend told me at a party…
    …it doesn’t work… :(

  22. Andy says:

    Imagine the AWE-INSPIRING POWER he could gain if he ate ‘Beetle Magnet’ :O

  23. Boss says:


  24. Jo says:

    You totally could have stopped this at panel 4, and it still would have been just as hilarious.

  25. Graylin says:

    @Brian: your friend now has the powers of a 300 movie ticket? that doesn’t seem very useful lol
    the author should have wrote:
    “why… why are you not kneeling?
    don’t make me eat more bugs
    i’ll do it! don’t make me do it!

  26. Simon says:

    Lol, I thought he was being nice and was going to let the bug live. Then I saw the rest of the comic XD

  27. Praetorious says:

    Man, I love your comics, and this one is so hilarious.
    I like the art, esp the faces.

  28. Eric says:

    hahahahahahahaaaaa! this is true.

  29. Co0kieL0rd says:

    Our cats eat lotsa bug. They musta gained, like, power of the whole universe!

  30. Mr. Asdf says:

    I want a comic about how that bug ended up next to Fletcher!

  31. prettybluesky says:

    Fletcher and I belong to the buttchin club :p NO NON-BUTT CHINS ALLOWED!

  32. SAMANTHA says:

    ahhh >_> ………………………………………………..

  33. Brían says:

    I meant the power of 300 spartans, but nice come back!

  34. OzzuGuru says:

    Probably the best one yet. ¡ME GUSTA!

  35. muke says:

    fletcho your comic making skills are improving with age
    you make me proud my fat son

  36. Mantis says:

    Copernicus face in panel 5…….just epic xD and again u made my day fletcher :D

  37. fanatic says:

    Am I the only one who feel sorry for the poor bug?

  38. Graylin says:

    @Brian: I think we both know exactly what you meant. Nothing gets you into a movie theatre like 200 pounds of half naked muscle and a spear in hand.

  39. Kalium Puceon says:

    I think you confused bugs and spiders. You have to blend bugs first. Otherwise you will not gain the powers of kneelery