128 – survival instincts

November 5th, 2010

128 – survival instincts

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why the frig does the seal pop up whenever we awkwardly touch each other’s bodies?

like when our feet accidentally touched under the table, and he said it made us both foot-pregnant

i’ll grab my harpoon, then you grab my butt; we need to take this seal out ASAP


Discussion (50)¬

  1. Joseph says:

    That seal mustache is awesome.

  2. Bruno says:

    I lol’d.

  3. Walla says:

    I rofl’d hard. Everyone sitting around me gave me weird looks.

  4. krasek says:

    Haha, great one :D

  5. O Carioca says:

    Wow… this breaks a few records in the already very high, “antics scale of randomness”. I’ll get started in sending your trophy along with your complementary sky whale. Remember to keep it wet. The trophy, I mean.

  6. Isis says:

    Damn seal! Comic awesomeness as usual.

  7. EPic WAffLez says:

    awesome!!!!!!!! >_> once again EPIC!!! >_<

  8. prettybluesky says:

    thats awsome… i love this world where people magically get stranded and seals can talk :D With mustaches! :D

  9. ryan_davis says:

    not sure why you guys keep saying seal mustache, you realize they naturally have whiskers right?

    Anyway, I vote we invite the seal out for a fun night of clubbing.

  10. Honya says:

    I lol’d. Hard.

  11. Niyx says:

    Can seals amplify their voice with their little flippers? Astounding!

  12. Hank says:

    thank you for this comic.

  13. Davy says:

    the last panel must be made into a shirt

  14. JK-47 says:

    Ryan_davis wins the trophy for the best comment. That made me laugh just as hard as the comic did!

  15. GekkoBeat says:


  16. MisterBob says:

    Gay seals, it’s like Seal, but with a regular face.

  17. Plet53 says:

    Looks like the seals are coming out. Coming out to take advantage of awkwar- GAAAAAAAAAY -d moments.

  18. derp says:

    Hahah, what the hell :D Funny!

  19. Seruz says:

    Who let the seals out?

    Best comic in a while, totally unexpected <3 love your work!

  20. Musician of cool noises says:

    Haha awesome! I love the random animal cameos we sometimes get… Sky-whales, pandas, seals…

  21. Ragnarokio says:

    Best comic in a while, for sure.

  22. Amazing says:

    I chuckled like a little baby. Gaagaa googa.

  23. JheeBz says:

    What a rude walrus.

  24. Clay says:

    i’d say kill the seal and your problems would be solved,
    1: food
    2: clothing
    3: burn the flubber for heat
    4: you can hug without anyone criticizing you

  25. Ceam says:

    @Clay: I wouldn’t be so sure about the fourth point. I think hugging might actually work as a natural seal-bait :O

  26. Thomas says:

    The seal just made me laugh so much. “GAAAAAAYYYY” Absolutely priceless.

  27. ronnyim12345 says:

    LOL. one of the best antics comics evar!!!!

  28. JDub says:

    agreed… last panel def should be on a shirt

  29. Röss says:

    this comic gets my SEAL of approval
    hurr hurr

  30. Unicorn Apothecary says:

    Argh no I was going to say what Ross said, derp
    “this comic gets my SEAL of approval, hurr hurr”

    HEY!! I drew an Antics fanart, can I send it to you?
    P.S.- This made me smile. My favorite feeling (hugging), my favorite animal (seal), and my favorite season (winter) all in one comic, which is also my favorite (Antics). So…thank you, Fletcher/Stephen! :D <3

  31. Fletcher says:

    Of course you can send it, UA! I loves me some fanart

    or just post a link here in the comments if you like

    also i am glad that everyone seems to appreciate the seal

    he may permanently replace one (or both) of fletcher/copernicus if he plays his cards right

  32. imgood9 says:

    I will give you all my monies for such a comic!

  33. Seruz says:

    Are you saying that the seal is gonna kill you?

  34. Unicorn Apothecary says:

    Okay, here it is!
    I hope it’s not disappointing. ;_;

  35. Fletcher says:

    Nice, UA!

    you not only managed to fit in the character fletcher, but also my personal love of cat ears and handbags! bravo

  36. Unicorn Apothecary says:

    ( I was secretly planning next year’s Halloween costume for everyone. ) :D

  37. Unicorn Apothecary says:

    I forgot! I didn’t even ask you what your favorite color of handbag was.

  38. Sean! says:

    Just a point to be made: JK-47 is absolutely right that ryan_davis’ comic was hilarious.

    I also made some nice lolsauce at UA’s frolicking. Good job!

  39. ronnyim12345 says:

    LOL agreed, the last panel should be on a t-shirt.

  40. Rossie says:

    and I thought fletcher was the wierd guy.

  41. LouiseIsAGirlName says:

    I’m foot pregnant – AND YOU’RE THE FATHER
    I demand that you marry me so our foot-child will be happy later in life
    It will not be born out of wedlock
    Also I spent all your money on diapers

  42. derp says:

    have been looking for “gay” seal for damn ever.

  43. Pie Are Squared says:

    I will give you all my dollars for a t-shirt with that seal on it!!! all of my thirty four dollars!

  44. Dogpup4 says:

    I feel quite proud that I’ve been a regular reader since 2009 and knew about the seal before it turned into a meme haha.

  45. Danke says:

    Bro, you are a legend. The mere fact that the seal has become an international famous meme is amazing! Also, the comic itself is hilarious.

  46. Farte (3≈}) Butte says:

    GAAAAAAAYYYY is just the (gay) seal’s mating call, it isn’t sientient.

  47. Lol says:

    Well, this totally didn’t became a meme.

  48. Dzjill says:

    You didn’t realize what you started when you made this comic, did you?

  49. Fletcher says:

    @ Dzjill nooooope.

    I created a monster, apparently?