104 – ties that bind

August 23rd, 2010

104 – ties that bind

great, now our child will carry the STIGMA of being born out of wedlock

i am BLOOMING mad about this

what a MICROSPORANGIUM of a day this is turning out to be


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  1. Simon says:

    Lol, I love the puns XD

  2. Daan says:

    Oh, this one is amazing xD The 4th panel is very, very disturbing xD

  3. Mod26 says:

    I do believe frame 4 is, as we call it in the business, the ‘money shot’

  4. VTP says:


  5. oh someone says:

    O really Copernicus? Weirder than peeing on you or flying while crapping rainbows?
    I think not.

  6. another one says:

    read me, i’m a comment

  7. Bungle says:

    I hate when this happens

  8. Sean says:

    *sobs in corner*

  9. Dogpup4 says:

    Copernicus is going to have to just man up and accept that watering plants without contraception can cause unwanted flower pregnancy.

  10. plasticinsects says:

    “what a MICROSPORANGIUM of a day this is turning out to be”
    I believe this is the first time in the history of the universe that anyone has used that sentence.

  11. ernobius says:

    Dude, and they don’t teach this in school! No wonder there’s so much suffering in the world…
    I hope Copernicus will be responsible (he is usually) and take good care of the flower-children. It’s horrible to be flower-orphan, you know.

  12. SeanCampbell says:

    Brilliant, Blooming Brilliant

  13. Keef says:

    Burst into laughter as soon as I saw the first panel! XD

    Been going through the archives and am now up to date, gotta say Stephen, you are one sexy sexy man! =D

  14. Wisdom says:

    New word of the week:


  15. Sgt. Traveler says:

    By ‘not again’ means that Copernicus had passed the event before.

    What happened before, nude Fletcher instead of a flower Fletcher?

  16. LordAsmodeus says:

    haha, I love this. no no NOT AGAIN! XD

  17. Quups says:

    well hey, if that’s what you’re into…

  18. Darla says:

    I’m loving the fourth panel. xD

  19. Anon says:

    I water plants

  20. Aveira says:

    They will make lovely flower babies together! :D

  21. Jai says:

    Petal to the metal, Copernicus! Leaf and never come back!

  22. impendio says:

    This is way too awesome…

  23. Clay says:

    that last scene has be a made into a t-shirt

  24. Mushroom says:

    Flowers are so… EVIL.
    poor Copernicus, only 104 comics old and already a daddy. Next time use a water filter buddy, safety first!

  25. CaptainMysterio says:

    oh, fletcher, this sort of thing just isn’t funny. do you know how many illegitimate flower babies i have? well, none, but if this sort of thing had happened to me, i wouldn’t find it funny. however, i do find it funny.

  26. Bx 32 says:

    Copernicus should have used protection, in the form of bleach in the watering can.
    Now his only option is to push Fletcher down some stairs.

  27. O Carioca says:

    Aw nuts, everyone made the good comments already. I’m not inspired today because my external hard drive broke down. Sorry fletcher. Next time I’ll say something creepy and funny. Like… looking forward to watching those hybrid flower children sprouting

  28. The T-Shirt Dude says:

    You HAVE to make a shirt out of the 4th panel <3 I'd buy OVER 9000 of them!

  29. plasticinsects says:

    Nobody is asking the obvious question: WHOSE pollen is it?

  30. Snerky says:

    I want a Tshirt with panel one on the front and the last panel on the back, oh yes I do!
    *Joke about all of my dollars*

  31. JD says:

    im actually considering getting a twitter just to follow you xD i am LOVING the 4th panel btw. just… awesome. xD

  32. Reci says:

    Hey! What happened to the Calender from the top left corner? :O

  33. Fletcher says:

    @Reci it has been removed to make room for the twitter button!

    plus it was kind of pointless i guess

  34. soylentgreenhouse says:

    Stumbled here a coupla days ago…just finished the archives…now I am kinda sad….I NEED more comic!!! Keep up the good work! :)

  35. Hai tharr says:

    This comics is just great. Not killed myself today again because of it. It gives my life some meaning. Especially on Mondays and Fridays. Thank you all.

  36. Othello says:


  37. Jackie says:

    Little known fact: The first time this happened, Jeff was born. Now you know the ugly truth. Get it? Cause Jeff is ugly.

  38. Gold says:


  39. adam says:

    this was an odd thing to stumble upon as im watching little shop of horrors

  40. The fourth panel alone suffices enough for a strip.

  41. this is summmmmmm fummy stufffff :]

  42. prettybluesky says:

    This is my favoritee comic… Also, C&H is okay i guess but this comic is more my style oFTo

  43. Maya says:

    Hahaha this is my fave antics comic :’)
    Makes me laugh so hard every time!
    Fletcher, you’ve bought joy once again to my dull life.

  44. Rogue says:


  45. Andy says:

    After so long, this is still quite possibly my favourite Antics comic.

  46. LouiseIsAGirlName says:

    Copernicus is a BABYDADDY
    Quick, to the chapel before anyone finds out Fletcher is flower-pregnant
    Next time keep your stamen in your pants, Copernicus