014 – wanna touch the sky

April 7th, 2009

014 – wanna touch the sky

NASA’s hawk and falcon training camp is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations for strange, misguided children


Discussion (9)¬

  1. picaro says:

    sir, you are thinking of peruvian avian nasa.

    putting hawks on the moon since last thursday

  2. Mongrel says:

    This reminds me of that movie the Falls. Movie was rad.

  3. danineteen says:

    Don’t fly too close the sun now.

  4. The Pepper says:

    “And now you’re going to tell me that astronauts don’t lay eggs, or regurgitate food for their chicks!”

  5. Othello says:

    I come back to this one ALL the time; my hands-down favorite. :)

  6. lawa54321 says:

    are you seireously gonna eat worms you must be mad

  7. Caboobies says:

    Is this the first time there is a *GASP* Swear?

  8. Fletcher says:

    @Caboobies It is, and I’m FAIRLY sure it’s the last as well. It felt weird putting (stronger) swear words in, so I decided not to do it any more!

  9. LasriCat says:

    @Fletcher But in comic 011 Copernicus says ” Holy Crap ” Swearing in this comic is weird though :c