Call off the search party, I’m not dead! Sorry for my largely unexplained absence; I’ve been a bit distracted by a very eventful month! I got a new job (yay), got engaged (YAY), and had to study a bunch for an exam (boo) which I passed (yay). Antics will resume next week!

Next week will also mark the launch of my NEW comic, Uptown Ghost! The first ten pages can be read right now, and updates will begin next Monday. Uptown Ghost will update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after that.

Antics isn’t going to carry on forever! But don’t worry, I’m not going to cut you off cold turkey just yet. Before that… I’ve got to get you hooked on the new stuff.


Discussion (26)¬

  1. MusicianOfCoolNoises says:

    Wow! Congratulations on everything! I don’t know what else to say! Wow!

  2. Hulk Hogan says:


  3. Nathaniel says:

    Congratulations! And wooo!

  4. krickit says:

    Congratulations on passing the exam!

    And getting engaged!

  5. Geno says:

    Engaged? Congratulations!

    Also I am loving the new comic.

  6. Bananarama says:

    Congrats mate! Well done on it all =D

  7. Seanie says:

    glad you’re ok and the new comic is great!

  8. Allison Hill (@Alli893) says:

    Yay! Congrats on the new job, new comic, AND getting engaged! Wooo life!

  9. Scott says:

    Congratulations, first of all, on not being dead. And also ‘grats on the Job, Fiancee, and exam result! WOO! NEW COMIC!

  10. anticsfan says:

    You’re gonna stop making Antics? D:

    Why? :(

  11. Red_peace says:

    *wipes a tear from my eye* my little Stephen is growing up…. Though he was probably older than me to begin with.

  12. ButterFace says:

    Goddammit, we were so worried. But at least you came with great news! Congratulations to you on your fiance, job and passing your exams! That’s a whole lot of things to do for a month, haha.

  13. Umi says:

    Geez! Congrats! *calls off the search party* I’m really happy for you!. Even if I’m just some faceless stranger on the internet :B

    *whispers* As long I can read a comic made by you I won’t cry over Antics when it’s over. (Please don’t kill me other more faithful followers *whimpers*)

    Love, Me :B

  14. ivo says:

    Killing off Antics? I can’t believe i disabled my ad block for you :(

  15. The-Fsacher says:

    What? I thought we were dating…

  16. Regin says:

    Congratulations! I’m happy for you!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Congrats with everything!
    …what do I do with the rations now?

  18. Headless Horseshoeman says:

    Thank the heavens, you’re back!
    I was already thinking of printing out all antics comics and burry them on the old pet cemetary/fomer Indian burial ground up the hill.
    You know, now that I think about it, it’s rather strange that there’s an Indian burial ground on a hill in central Europe.
    Anyway, congratulations on your yays and YAY!

    P.S. I like what I’ve seen from Uptown Ghost so far. :)

  19. NotJeff says:

    Wooohooo he’s ALIVE!!!! *gnaws on my friends foot*

    I became a cannibal because I thought it was the end of the world………sorry to my friend Dan……he will forever be missed. Tasty tho.

  20. Famous Chef says:

    Headless Horseshoeman, when will you ever learn! The micmac burial ground is evil, I tell you! EVUL!

  21. space-munchies says:

    oH WOW YAY CONGRATS ON EVERYTHING WELL DONE! Also I’m already hooked on Uptown Ghost. And everytime I see the words ‘Uptown Ghost’ (which is a fair bit as it is saved to my bookmarks bar) I start singing Uptown Girl, but Ghost instead of girl (I’m sure you know what I mean).

    No but yes hurray for everything!

  22. TimothyBryce says:

    Thank heavens! Missed your comics. Congratulations to your “yay”s.

  23. r0b3rt says:

    Congrats, my man. Always good to see when fortune smiles at people.

    So… can I keep Fletcher when Antics dies? :(

  24. Doopington says:

    I’m going to be very sad if Antics doesn’t live forever.

  25. Ducktail says:

    At least give us an epic storyline to end it all! and keep going until 400!

  26. y0nl3nn0n says:

    ive heard fletcher ran away and is living somewhere in Argentina… wait was it Fletcher or was it Hitler? i always get those 2 confused….