A brief hiatus

Hello, dear readers! Regrettably, Antics is going on hiatus for a month or so. The real kind, not the “leave and never come back” kind.

But fear not! I still love making comics, and I intend to keep making them until my fingers crumble into dust. It’s just that for a while now, I’ve not been as excited about Antics as I used to be. So I think it’s time for me to take a step back, and reevaluate!

There will DEFINITELY be more Antics in the future, but I’ll also be looking at the possibility of starting a second (EVEN BETTER(?)) comic as well. We’ll see!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading my comics; I’ll be seeing you again reeeal soon!

- Steve


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  1. Peter says:

    Thanks to the rss feed, we’ll be waiting (read that with the appropriately creepy tone).

  2. Yoinkdog says:

    Ooooh! Can’t wait for you to get back! Also, no matter what your NEW comic is about, I will be severely disappointed if it contains no butt jokes. I’m counting on you here. DON’T let me down…

  3. krickit says:

    Is that in direct reference to Robots with Feelings?
    I know there’s others, but it’s the use of the word hiatus.

    So, I’ll see you in 6 months, replying to a comment abusing you about not keeping in touch.
    Though, it’s been a good comic. I’m not too concerned whether or not you continue it, so long as you continue making interesting/funny things. It might be nice to see you branch out a bit from the two old characters.
    Good luck!

  4. Ryan says:

    NO STEVE!!!!

  5. Wintermute says:

    Aw man…I hope your spirits lift soon, best wishes!

  6. TehBear says:

    Nooooo! Antics is the internet’s finest comic strip, hope it will come back soonish.

    Good luck with your reorientation, though.

  7. Clawhammer says:

    Boy, it sure is a good thing your name isn’t Scott. Those guys tend to disappear forever when they make comics.

  8. f2095777 says:

    Whah! I’m not excited about making comics.
    Buck up! Inspiration? Ideas? Phhht. Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, Marmaduke Dilbert, Garfield and countless others churned out strips years after running on empty.
    Oh….yea….the money.

    I love your comics. Thank you for the laughs and I hope Antics returns.

  9. Rodolfo says:


    I really love your work! I may be your # 1 fan from Brazil! Your comics are like nothing else I´ve seen! It´s really something.

    Whatever you decide, I just wanted you to know you rock, and impress me frequently even with the “language barrier”!



  10. FireSickle says:

    Is your hiatus over yet because there is not enough Fart Butte in my life

  11. Ax says:

    If you do start a second comic, let us RSSers know about it here. I wouldn’t want to miss it. Enjoy your hiatus, you’ve earned it.

  12. Arzeik says:

    Well, I hope you enjoy your time off. Thank you so much for making awesome stuff like this comic!

  13. Rolando says:

    Best wishes Steve!

  14. Curt says:

    Eat a burger.

  15. Olivier says:


  16. Javi says:

    I’ve read about one thousand Antics’ comics and I only care for commenting on the first non-comic post I see. This must be your best post ever.
    Seriously now, you better be back in “a month or so”, or you may never see again… YOUR DOORMAT! Btw, I cleaned the dog poop that was on it.
    Can’t wait to see that other comic, anyway.

  17. Jack says:

    Steeeeeeve! Nooooo!!

    But seriously, enjoy your time off! Best wishes!

  18. NotJeff says:

    A comic about Jeff would be sweet!!!

    I’m going to miss this so much…..I really hope you keep doing them, they really do kick butte bro! See you soon.

  19. JeffIsDead says:

    dammit. I love this comic.

    I’ll be waiting on bated breath.

    Also, new comic better have butte jokes. And Knight Game. always need more Knight Game.

  20. Sisterlyfans says:

    Aw, man.. NOW what am I going to do with my Mondays and Fridays?

    My sister and I love Antics and hope you’re back soon!

  21. Alli893 says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE Antics! But you do what you need to do. We will support you no matter what :)

  22. Angry Protester says:

    Well, time to kill myself. Bye guys!
    (Read that with sarcasm)

  23. Tuesday says:

    Ah, I will miss you. ^^ I understand though. I hope you become inspired and motivated again soon. :)

  24. Ramon says:

    I’ll surely miss Antics but don’t panic, inspiration always comes; back that’s for sure :D go read some books and shit

  25. devs says:


  26. Ninja Bear says:


  27. Nicksilver says:

    It’s not an Antics post without a comment from Nicksilver.
    I’ll miss you, good man.

  28. JohnnyRiot says:

    I’ve nothing to look forward to on the Internet now.

  29. Feet Shuffler says:

    Betting my 5 bucks that this has something to do with Jeff. Screw you, Jeff.

    We will be waiting…

  30. Alex says:

    *insert saddest face in the universe here*

  31. Stephan says:

    Okay… if you keep making more antics… I will give you… this ONE OF A KIND, LIMITED EDITION one penny I picked up.

    This is my final offer.
    You have until Monday.
    Do not disappoint me, Steve.

  32. Marty says:

    oh noes!!! dont leave, steve!

  33. Mr. Chopper says:

    You know what really stinks? Jeff.

  34. Chris says:

    Been reading for over a year. Looking forward to a triumphant return! With dragons, unicorns, lightning, beards and people riding bears! Hope it’s that exciting or MORE.

  35. Famous Chef says:


  36. Famous Chef says:

    @Chris- I’m riding a furry tractor!

  37. But but but says:

    Well, that DOES explain why every time I visited the page and just kept refreshing, no matter how many times I closed my eyes and blew on ground up magic unicorn poop a new comic didn’t appear…
    You better be back, Steve. Don’t let us down, Steve. You BETTER be back.
    (Or is Jeff just holding your imagination captive? Typical Jeff. You can escape, Steve, you can escape!)

  38. Some guy says:

    I love your comics, definetely my personal favourite. I like them even more than the comics from the guys of explosm, which brought me here in the first place. Hope you keep doing comics, whether its here or somewhere else.


  39. Monliego says:

    Noooooooooooo Antics please come back soon! D:
    You’re the best comic in the internet right now :(
    We’ll miss you until you get back, Fletcher and Cop.

  40. devs says:

    What if you made an animated short? just a little clip.

  41. ikeir says:

    I can’t remember how I found your comics, it was a few years ago now, but I check up every week and they always bring a smile to my face. Through tough times Antics was always there to cheer me up and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into making them. Thank you.

  42. Soloman says:

    Never commented until now, despite reading every single comic and every single comment on them. You’re awesome, this comic is awesome, all you commenters are awesome, and I hope you find your calling and churn out more awesome comics! I’d usually argue for quality over quantity, but I see no conceivable decline in recent Antics, so that doesn’t apply here!! Just make a bunch of money by printing just about every other panel of your comics on to shirts and recording all of everyone’s dollars!! But good luck with your zen-filled hiatus/mountain training retreat!

  43. NotJeff says:

    Woohoo it’s almost a month!

  44. Angry Protester says:

    Well, it’s been a month.
    Soon the new Steve will be back, metamorphosed as a beatiful, comic-drawing butterfly.
    This is just how nature works.

  45. Angry Protester says:

    It’s really just basic math.

  46. MAN WAITING says:

    Okay. It’s been a month! He specifically said that he won’t be those “permanent hiatus” people. COME BACK HERE AND DRAW COMICS STEVE! DRAWWWW DRAWWWW TILL YOUR HANDS BLEED!

  47. Feet Shuffler says:

    It’s been 31 days since he left. I don’t know how much longer we will be able to survive in this harsh, comic-less enviroment.
    Jeff is starting to look like a nice guy in this soulless void of comic absence.
    Every hour seems like a day.
    Every day seems like a year.
    We are losing our hope as the sun dives behind the horizon.
    Let’s wait for tomorrow…
    Let’s hope he will be back soon…
    We are still waiting…

    Don’t even raise your hopes, Jeff. Screw you.

  48. Fletcher says:


    Thank you for all of your support, it has been a heck of a motivation to continue.

    Antics will return next Monday. Mark off your calendars, people!

    Antics will be switching to a once-a-week schedule for the foreseeable future, while I continue work on a new and exciting second comic. Woooo!

  49. Hideous Snake Beast says:


  50. Scott says:

    It’s good to have you back, Steve.

  51. NotJeff says:

    I knew it!! He’s working on a new Jeff comic! :D

  52. NotJeff says:

    I think the biggest problem is there needs to be more wild and crazy antics….not just the 2 main chars all the time…….once a week is a good idea as you can come up with some new characters and locals. Maybe we need a forum where we can help with ideas!

  53. Tim says:

    A good storyline would be awesome as well!