369 – fictional fiction

June 7th, 2013

369 – fictional fiction

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Okay, maybe I made up the headbutting part. But there ARE good bits.

For example, later on she… eats children? FINE, I made that one up too.

This is why I’m not a writer.

UPDATE: Antics is going on hiatus for a month or so! Please see the blog post at the bottom of the home page for more information.


Discussion (29)¬

  1. Izuru says:

    How do you headbutt people in a heroic way?

  2. Scott says:

    Little does Fletcher know that headbutting old ladies is the plot of books 2 through 17.

  3. Dusty Muffinsss says:


  4. Real mature, Fletcher!

  5. bookspoiler says:

    The twist of the story; the sexy wizard IS the old lady!

  6. Nicksilver says:

    @Izuru: You headbutt people in heroic ways by carrying a large battle standard and having a marching band with victory fanfare, and having them play as you ram people with your glorious dome.

  7. Youngstar says:

    How can you headbutt People in a non-heroic Way?

  8. hzrdus says:

    i f*%#$ love this comic. the facial expressions and the hover text are amazing.

  9. Josh says:

    Copernicus’ look of dismay really sells this one!

  10. Bryan Keith says:

    Heheh… Dome…

  11. Connors says:

    You can headbutt people in a badass way…

  12. Nicksilver says:

    @Connors: Yes, with a power metal band playing songs about your glorious deeds.

  13. Potato says:

    Headbutting old ladies is a popular sport in my country

  14. @Nicksilver Win. Both times.

  15. Tuesday says:

    Yo, sorry if I seem impatient… Where’s yesterdays comic? *cough* I need these things…

  16. Buhonero13 says:

    eeehhhh, i see you havent posted nothing this week, you know, as tuesday said there are people who need this shit… i mean not me, of course, but things are happening… and well *cough* thigs are *cough* changing *cough* *cough* *cough* …

  17. Dusty Muffinsss says:

    H-hey…I…I-I-I’m k-kinda going throu…through a w-w-withdrawal here…a-any…any nnnn…nnnneews about the n-next upda-…upda…post…?

  18. Buhonero13 says:



    *cough* sorry, don´t know what happened to me…

  19. Buhonero13 says:

    jajaja, didn´t know i could write after the border jajajajaja.

  20. :( says:

    Starting to get worried…

  21. Scott says:

    Did you gentlemen not see the HIATUS post on the homepage?

  22. JJ McBubblepants says:

    Today’s my birthday, and my wish is for another Antics update! So, uh…. Do that. :D

  23. It’s been a month and 5 days now. It’s a lonely and desolate place without antics. The fellow commenters are getting restless, killish even. I’m scared and worried. The absence is taking it’s toll, they started the sacrifices to the great Fletcheropus a week ago. I am worried for my own life. Antics! We need you back. Help me please….

  24. @Bear or not Bear I only worship the geat Conuperthulu, show me to these Fletcheropus worshippers so I may destroy them.

  25. Dusty Muffinsss says:

    Hiatus still? That’s fine sir, take your time. I will say though, this comment section is the most comfortable hang out spot I’ve seen in awhile. I wish others would also stay in this warm place, and engage in friendly banter! But people these days…always on the move…

  26. NotJeff says:

    Check the post below this, the hiatus post. He posted that he will be bringing back more antics for us but only once a week which is a good idea considering how it has evolved and needs more time to be original.

  27. NotJeff says:

    I agree though, it’s funny how laid back we are compared to the rest of the vast interwebs……we can respond without being censored because we’re a bunch of cool fans not a bunch of jerks and trolls. I love antics and hope it lives forever!

  28. NotJeff says:

    Someone here probably has no idea what they’re doing so I’ll just repost his comment in the other thread.

    2013/07/12 at 5:49 pm


    Thank you for all of your support, it has been a heck of a motivation to continue.

    Antics will return next Monday. Mark off your calendars, people!

    Antics will be switching to a once-a-week schedule for the foreseeable future, while I continue work on a new and exciting second comic. Woooo!

  29. The Soverign Nation Of Iowa says:

    I looked for this book.