337 – rare and unusual minicomics

February 11th, 2013

337 – rare and unusual minicomics

I understand the reasons for calling me a “poo”, and “bad”.

But did you REALLY need to stick the “joke” label onto my crotch?


Discussion (20)¬

  1. Nicksilver says:

    How did Copernicus get such a huge butt-void? Why is he inexplicably afraid of clowns? How is that POO post-it sticking to his forehead?


  2. Buttloaf says:

    Oh no, Copernicus’ only fears, afros and noses.

  3. TheScottymo says:

    @Buttloaf I think it’s more that Fletcher’s arms remind Copernicus of Jeff.
    Ugh, Just typing his name made me feel all gross

  4. FireSickle says:

    Haha, classic stuff, totally look forward to this comic every monday and friday

  5. Captain Plank says:

    Hey! That’s my helmet! Give it back to me!

    (Oh! Carp! Fletcher is invincible with it… How can I steal the helmet?)

  6. boog says:

    So the moral of the story today is that pot does not make you immune to attacks that don’t hit your head.

  7. BreadNButter says:

    Minicomics… that are GOOD??

    Are you sure you’re the original Fletcher?!?!

  8. Ryan says:

    I think that helmet has more than one weakness

  9. Mike says:

    Hope that Copernicus was keeping his wallet in the right pocket!

  10. yonlennon says:

    The hole in the butt is how copernicus learned that the helmet had flaws!

  11. Jelle says:

    lol I love how Fletcher labelled himself ‘me’. :’)

  12. Doops says:

    “But did you REALLY need to stick the “joke” label onto my crotch?”

    But…but…Copernicus! That IS the joke!

  13. Not Jeff says:

    HAHAHA, I love these comics. I shall wear sticky pads to work tomorrow to honor u mr fletcher.

  14. Muniosi says:

    What’s with the line through the third panel in the second comic? Am I missing something?

  15. Not Jeff says:

    @Muniosi, its just a silly comic where Copernicus has a hole through his butt…….not a butthole. It’s pretty silly haha.

  16. Pseudonym_ says:

    @ Muniosi
    If you are referring to the one by there legs, it is the border of the floor and wall. If it is the one in Copernicus’s hole, it is his tie.

  17. Pseudonym_ says:


  18. Not Jeff says:

    Oh I see what you mean, ya I think its just the boarder of the floor.

    ooooooor Copernicus is about to do the limbo! GO MAN GO!

  19. bananaflame says:

    hey so I think nikasaur referenced antics (“all of my dollars”) in the latest summoners showcase for league of legends. check it out, 2:50, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RtiAWRYTOaE

  20. Muniosi says:

    Oh thanks Pseudonym.