336 – not quite right

February 8th, 2013

336 – not quite right

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This scar? I got it while… struggling for my life, against somebody trying to steal my identity?

Wait, let me try that again.


Discussion (13)¬

  1. Nicksilver says:

    Who is this man and what has he done to Fletcher.
    Clearly Fletcher should have orange/red stubble and beautiful green eyes.

  2. That guy from the bus says:

    I wonder if Jeff has his spoon in this soup…

  3. perhaps it’s an improvement upon the old fletcher. we just have to sit back and find out. if this is a story arc. which it probably isn’t.

  4. Beau says:

    Nice to know he still thinks highly of Fletcher despite all the crap they’ve gone through. That’s true friendship.

  5. Gray says:


  6. Farte (3≈}) Butte says:

    Please let this be a story arc!

  7. Not Jeff says:

    I bet Yuki has something to do with this, she’s cunning.

  8. Jelliot says:

    now both Fletcher and Copernicus have had the experience of being tricked by an imposter.

  9. Not Jeff says:

    I think it’s Yuki in Fletchers skin………like that Hannibal movie………

  10. Geoffrey af Snirkelarm says:

    Jelliot: Don’t forget about http://www.anticscomic.com/?p=418 this is hot… dogg!

  11. Farte (3≈}) Butte says:

    …and then it was discovered that Copernicus was being impersonated too! (By Jeff)

  12. Alex says:

    I actually laughed out loud at the last pic; now everyone in the library is looking at me… :S

  13. CakewithCocaineFrosting says:

    This is good