335 – so very generous

February 4th, 2013

335 – so very generous

Buy this strip from the Antics print store!

If you refuse to count it, I’ll FORCEFULLY donate it through your door with my enormous cannon.

The cannon was actually more expensive than the donation! Because… you know. Priorities.


Discussion (14)¬

  1. Fong says:

    that is the evilest thing i can think of

  2. Nicksilver says:

    Not as evil as stabbing a puppy with crayons, Fong.

  3. TheScottymo says:

    Million dollar cannon: Worth it.

  4. Not Jeffs Bong says:

    This storyline has promise,……I expect a continuation of many fine….fudge, I am so stoned.

  5. Ducktail says:

    The guy should be grateful for the donation anyway, getting jobs for puppies is very important and every cent counts.

  6. I once saw a man stab a puppy with crayons, nicksilver. I through a sack of pennies at him and told him to count the pennies.

  7. monty the pirate with down syndrome says:

    Those puppies don’t need no monies let them find their own jobs those lazy bums

  8. Mike says:

    As of today, Canada will no longer be minting pennies. Cheers.

  9. Farte (3≈}) Butte says:

    The charity isn’t for puppies to get jobs, it’s money for puppies that HAVE jobs. Full-time pet doesn’t pay very well…

  10. Ivan says:

    I now have ANOTHER reason to play PowerBall this week!

  11. y0nl3nn0n says:

    But then Fletcher would have to count them himself, otherwise he might be ripped off… where would he get 10 million cents anyway…

  12. Farte (3≈}) Butte says:

    HEY FLETCHER! My stupid kindle browser won’t show alt-text, so can you or someone else comment the alt-text, please?

  13. Dude says:

    Is it Friday yet? I need my Antics!!!!!!!!

  14. Farte (3≈}) Butte says: