333 – healthy living made easy

January 29th, 2013

333 – healthy living made easy

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The extra five cups of sugar are a recent addition to the recipe.

The original salad was alright, but I thought it might work better as a DESSERT salad.


Discussion (18)¬

  1. KungFlu says:

    A good spoonful of poops might bring out the soft flavor to a more enjoyable culinary experience.

  2. Patrick says:


  3. Jamie says:

    This salad sounds like it will be very bitter, I suggest adding sugar or perhaps honey to sweeten it.

  4. monty the pirate with down syndrome says:

    Hmmm can I substitute sugar for the bell pepper?

  5. Alejandro says:

    Damn! Would this recipe work with brown sugar and jalapeño?

  6. Kintrex says:

    Hey, this recipe would be perfect for my vegan friends!

  7. theonewhobringsyournightmares says:

    The is comic 333

  8. Well, he did add a spoonful of love for the health nuts!

  9. Tylenol McButts says:

    Convenient that their hands are forks

  10. Doops says:

    Of all the ingredients, it’s the spoonful of “love” that worries me the most….

    I’m terribly Affection Intolerant, you see. It gives me implosive diarrhea. Don’t ask, or try to imagine, what that is.

    It’s probably what you first assumed from the name.
    Please don’t give me love.

  11. Hyperike says:

    @Doops It’s ok, you’ll get through this. We all are here to support you, my friend.

  12. Connors says:

    Don’t have a spoolful of love? That’s OK! Just add more sugar.

  13. Diabetie says:


  14. Jeff Norris says:

    @doops I love you!

  15. Caitlin says:

    Fletcher, you are the kitchen god.

  16. yes says:

    the sweetness of the sugar neutralizes the bell pepper thus creating a rather light and airy taste

  17. ricky*_*rick says:

    Dammit jeff get outta here!!