332 – minicomics anonymous

January 25th, 2013

332 – minicomics anonymous

What it the baby didn’t like the family it was stuck with?

That would mean that I just SAVED this baby. See, I told you I wasn’t an heartless monster!


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  1. Nicksilver says:

    A lot of funny expressions this time around. Me likey.

  2. Angelo says:

    That knife can pierce the heaven and the hell.Only Fletecher is capable of using it to it´s max: cutting onions.

  3. Headless Horseshoeman says:

    I think this is my baby, I lost it yesterday. I swear! And I can prove it: Is the baby a lot smaller than a real human? And does it cry like a little baby if you drop it on the floor? If yes, then it’s totally mine. Uh-uh.

  4. monty the pirate with down syndrome says:

    Don’t fall for it that’s JEFF!!!!!! he made a shrink ray and had his husband (or wife I don’t know) wrap him up and put him where Fletcher would inevitably find him

  5. yes says:

    only jeff can raise that child right and with true values

  6. Headless Horseshoeman says:

    Nice try, almost fell for your little trick Monty. Or should I call you JEFF? There is no way anybody would ever marry Jeff!

    Also: Stinklines are the best lines. With double deadly acid lines on a close second place.

  7. Ma5haria says:

    Well, aren’t these great?

  8. Invisible Unicorn of Doom says:

    :OOO It appears that I have died….. I love these comics ^-^

  9. Mau5 says:

    Kirby agrees (>^-^)> <(^-^<)

  10. monty the pirate with down syndrome says:

    I’m not Jeff Kevin the pig married Jeff way back

  11. Headless Horseshoeman says:

    You’re right Monty, totally forgot that one. Jeff’s abysmal ugliness must have erased my memory.
    I’m terribly sorry for calling you Jeff, Monty. I hope you can forgive me.

  12. monty the pirate with down syndrome says:

    Only if you can forgive me for photoshopping Jeff’s head onto a picture of your bossy at that crazy fictional character office mixer last year

  13. monty the pirate with down syndrome says:


  14. Farte (3≈}) Butte says:

    That baby was Conupericus’s son with Suki. Fletcher, knowing Conupericus’s pledge of “no pre-marital sex,” thought the baby was just lying on the floor and took it.