329 – swing and a miss

January 14th, 2013

329 – swing and a miss

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If you’d said yes, I would have given you the world!

Or… what inexpensive parts of the world I’m CAPABLE of giving, at least.

I found this ring in a box of cereal!


Discussion (30)¬

  1. Frobisher says:

    I knew she wasn’t Fletcher in disguise!

  2. Alejandro says:

    Holy cow! I was quiet sure that yuki=fletcher in disguise

  3. Buttloaf says:

    Don’t be fooled! It’s actually not Yuki this time, it’s a stand-in, so Fletcher could be there aswell.


  5. Nicksilver says:

    Fletcher is such a smooth operator.

  6. seriously, guys, maybe it’s just a girl that copernicus actually picked up. HAHA!!! Nah i’m just kidding. I’m pretty convinced that that is jeff.

  7. Dusty Muffinsss says:

    If I was Yuki I’d marry both. But never Jeff. I want to make that clear.

  8. Ma5haria says:

    Where the hell did he get that ring?

  9. Earthriser says:

    He stole the ring from Copernicus

  10. Gray says:

    @Ma5haria From a box of cereal.

  11. Sambo says:

    Jeff is involved, I just know it. Either him, or Yuki is a whole new breed of Antics evil.

  12. TheCynicalPear says:

    The story arc here is very similar to the british sitcom Peep Show <3

  13. Prince of Awesome says:

    Yuki could be Jeff
    Or related to Jeff

    Jeff has something to do with this
    Or there’s something
    There has to be somethin
    I just know it… :|

  14. NotJeff says:

    I get the feeling this is a dream sequence, there’s no way a girl would deny Fletcher.

  15. Hyperike says:

    Yuki must be either jeff, or a relative of his. Even in the first comic she was introduced she had an arm coming out of the back of her head.

  16. 8bitlove2a03 says:

    Woo! Fletcher wasn’t secretly Fletcher the whole time! Now all we have to worry about is Yuki secretly being Jeff the whole time!

  17. Tobisai says:

    I don’t think Jeff could pull off the whole “looking like a regular human being” thing, let alone looking like a woman.

  18. Doopington says:

    Why didn’t Fletcher propose to Copernicus? In a totally bromantic manner?

    As in, with his fists.

  19. Geno says:

    If this was Jeff, the arm would be stretchy and the butt would look like a giant tumor.

  20. Epifiny says:

    I don’t think Jeff would ever say stand up like that to Fletcher even if he was in disguise. I think Yuki is either up to something or she’s a woman who loves herself some infomercials and beans.

  21. theonewhobringsyournightmares says:

    You know yuki wasn’t fletcher because if she was she would wear a green dress. Having someone wearing another primary colour indicates a new and regular character.

  22. Earthriser says:

    You know how in comic 324 Copernicus’s pictures are weird? How will that look in the wedding pictures?

  23. Ryokun says:

    It seems likely that it is Jeff seeing as she is wearing Jeff’s primary color but I don’t know how he got rid of his butt cancer and wiggly arm disease

  24. Alec says:

    @earthriser, it’s ok, because he broke up with his invisible reindeer for Yuki.

  25. Alec says:

    * girlfriend, that’s weird, I don’t remember typing reindeer….

  26. Personage Unidentifidus says:

    If she doesn’t turn out to be Jeff/Fletcher, then I bet she’ll die in a terrible accident. Just sayin, that’s the way these things always go.

  27. Gray says:

    It could be the sister of jeff.

  28. Alejandro says:

    I dont think that she is jeff’s relative. Because ugliness is the result of some pretty effed up genes .___.

  29. GoshEnTosh says:

    Either Jeff or some related to Jeff. If it’s Jeff he could have gotten surgery to his tumor and arm.

  30. CentaurSteve says:

    spoiler alert, she’s actualy a centaur.