327 – wordplay

January 7th, 2013

327 – wordplay

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I’m not sure whether I’m angry that you made fun of the girl I like, or happy you wished us well.

Uhh… thank you, I think? Actually, I’m going to punch you in the nose as well. Just to be sure.


Discussion (16)¬

  1. Pat says:

    Been a subscriber for years! But the comic itself isn’t appearing in my google reader :/ All I see are words.

  2. Ducktail says:

    A storyline? Amazing! Spectacular!

  3. TheScottymo says:

    Holy carp! Continuity!

  4. penal skin says:

    And they lived happily ever farter.

  5. Nicksilver says:


  6. Amida says:

    It seems that Fletcher already knows about her lack of gas control!

  7. Jake says:

    In panel five, all I can hear is Popeye’s laugh.

  8. Geoffrey af Snirkelarm says:

    @penal skin: Well done sir, well done!

  9. Gray says:

    This will be great.

  10. Dusty Muffinsss says:

    This is the best webcomic on the planet!

  11. Stinky Buttes says:

    I dunno about this continuing storyline thing, it means I have to remember things and think… I’m not entirely sure I’m capable of that, especially when the story line is soo complex as this one.

  12. 8bitlove2a03 says:

    I wonder if this is going where I think it’s going (hint: I think it’s going to a dark, dark place involving Fletcher’s blood-soaked hands and Copernicus crying over his lost love).

  13. NotJeff says:

    More like yummy!!! I like her style.

  14. syk0saje says:


  15. Farte (3≈}) Butte says:

    @Jake oh god why