313 – handmade charm

November 19th, 2012

313 – handmade charm

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As you get older, the tooth fairy gives you more money per tooth.

Which may account for the current “old people having the teeth stolen out of their faces” crime spree.


Discussion (11)¬

  1. Llama118 says:

    I know they say smoking is bad for your teeth, but damn

  2. Joe says:

    either thats a really small golf ball or hes got some big teeth

  3. Nicksilver says:


  4. MusicianOfCoolNoises says:

    On the left… is that a ruby?

  5. Its_Evzy says:

    Their faces look really creepy close up :/

  6. snup says:

    I like the bug. fletcher seems like he needs a friend to talk to at night. the bug might get crushed in the process but he can find more in the yard.

  7. r0b3rt says:

    So, seeing as the domino brick is the only tooth item that hasn’t been mentioned yet…

    Hey, a domino brick! With like, dots and stuff on it! :D

  8. Dogpup4 says:


  9. Trippy Stuff says:

    What ever happened to his shark teeth?

  10. Trippy Stuff says:

    Also, on the far left there is a ruby.

  11. Fire Hobo Hunter says:

    So THAT’s where my domino went! Fletcher, I needed that to win the tournament!