312 – masterpiece theatre

November 16th, 2012

312 – masterpiece theatre

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Action, comedy, wolves biting everything in the world, drama…

This movie has it ALL.


Discussion (26)¬

  1. Nicksilver says:

    Wolves vs Everything is the perfect socio-political commentary, tackling the most pressing issues such as [INSERT ISSUE HERE] and [INSERT COMPLETELY TOTALLY SOCIALLY RELEVANT ISSUE HERE]. It is a must watch, and I throw all my dollars at it.

    -Nicksilver, not so professional movie critic tomato thrower person

  2. ... says:

    Do you accept funding for this movie via floppy disk?

  3. Griff says:

    In before all of my dollars

  4. TheScottymo says:

    i have two words for this “All of my dollars”.

  5. Werewolf VS Shark? Where can I send you my monies?

  6. snup says:

    don’t miss wolves vs everything 2: not much else to bite.

  7. rob says:

    wolves vs everything 3 wolves vs everything else. Just when you thought they’d taken on the world and won an unexpected visitor has them in the fight for their lives and their planet.

  8. Nero. Because that's all I can think of says:

    Wolves vs Everything 4
    Wolves vs More wolves!
    “We’re out of things to bite.”

  9. Al says:

    For such a movie I would give you most of my dollars! (All that’s missing is boobs. Can we fit in boobs without having them attacked by wolves?)

  10. Butt says:

    @Al How about female wolves?

  11. Owls says:


  12. Spelling Police says:

    Is it just me or is Wolf spelled Wofl in the first panel. I guess wolves aren’t very good spellers.

  13. Capt Obvious says:

    @Spelling Police no that’s their name

  14. Quups says:

    oh hecka yeah!

  15. Zephie says:

    i would pay money to see this happen ^^

  16. Spelling Police says:

    Their name is wofl?

    Fletcher was smokin some of that OZ ganja and eating waffles while crafting this beauty.. Wofls….lol

  17. Fry says:


  18. Spelling Police says:

    Oh wait, Fletcher wrote it, so no wonder it was spelled wrong. HAHAHA….You weren’t stoned, Fletcher just sucks at spelling……….lol good stuff.

    PS. U owe me 10$ fer covering your ass.

  19. Spelling Police says:

    Oh shit I just noticed the 2nd panel is terribly spelled too, Fletcher isn’t very smart. I wish I could help him but he won’t answer my calls. – Jeff

  20. TehBear says:

    All of my dollars.

  21. Tana says:

    Can- can I send you monies now? I need this movie!

  22. Anthraxmonki says:

    Thought the wolves were fighting the water at first; then I realized the white wolf is fighting a shark. Silly me.

    Or maybe a shark And the water… touche, salesman.

  23. Edd says:

    what’s this? no VAMPIRES?!

  24. This is clearly how Syfy original movies are made.

  25. Sketchy says:

    All of my dollars. MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

  26. Jimmy The Empesario says:

    I will donate, but I can only send you a partially working hole puncher, some string, and some old sweaters my Gram gave me. They’re terrible. They have pictures of recycled soda cans sewn on them. Who makes that? I dunno.