309 – minicomic battle royale

November 5th, 2012

309 – minicomic battle royale

I’m such a dummy for not figuring out your sneaky wordplay trap.

It was SO OBVIOUS in hindsight.


Discussion (24)¬

  1. Justin says:

    One time I was punched in the face. It didn’t feel excellent though.

  2. HCT says:

    Fletcher and Copernicus are surprisingly polite today! What happened?

  3. Craigstillion says:


  4. Angelo says:

    People say the 4th try is the one that works
    P.S 2: You´re welcome

  5. thewaddo says:

    hey fletcher, thought we were getting two comics today to make up for friday’s disappointment?

  6. Headless Horseshoeman says:

    Thank you.

  7. Jack Lafon says:

    These are good comics, I like these comics.

  8. evilgoodone says:

    Thank you.

  9. Zach Kat says:

    i dont get it. what was the joke.

  10. Sambo says:


  11. _____ ____ says:

    You lied to me Fletcher! you gave us ONE comic, not 2!

  12. Fletcher says:

    I did say two comics today, but instead I have put the extra in the bank to avoid a future “NO COMIC TODAY” day.

    I did lie, but it was only to spare future disappointment! And in the end, isn’t that BETTER than… no? Dang it.

    Well, I did it anyway :P

  13. How says:

    How has no one asked where the punchline is yet?
    What is wrong with you people.
    The punchline.

  14. yes says:

    “you are eating my hand”

    “thank you”

  15. RandomPie says:


  16. pod says:

    Well, he said 2 and we got 4, where’s the problem? :D

  17. Ryan says:

    Fletcher is so cunning

  18. Zach Kat says:

    I still dont get the joke.

    “hey whats 8 – 6?”

    I dont get it…plz explain.

  19. How says:

    The joke is that that wasn’t a joke. It’s anti-humor.

  20. RazorSlash says:

    Two for “Of course I’d like two be punched!”

  21. Captain Obvious says:

    The genius of this comic is that the first 3 give the expectation that someone is going to get punched but then nothing happens. Then in the last comic in which there is no reason a punch should be coming, BAM, punch.


  22. Mr Johanson says:

    They need to have a youtube series where people act these out.

  23. Fire Hobo Hunter says:

    No duh, Captain Obvious.

  24. Fire Hobo Hunter says: