308 – a shambling horde of minicomics

October 29th, 2012

308 – a shambling horde of minicomics

Same difference really, isn’t it?

It isn’t? I’m disgusting? Well, you’re entitled to your (incorrect) opinion.


Discussion (10)¬

  1. nameless says:

    i love this time of year ^^

  2. TehBear says:

    Now I’m hungry for a bowl of delightsome lard, or two.

  3. Buttloaf says:

    I love that Fletcher’s finger makes the “Lard” look like “Tard” psshshhshshhhsh

  4. I love eating that lard too damn much :(

  5. TTT says:


  6. Headless Horseshoeman says:

    I hope there’s only candy in that bag and not Copernicus’ head.

  7. Nero. Because that's all I can think of says:

    For Halloween, I think i’d be funny to give all the crappy candy (because there’s always crappy candy) to people by knocking on their doors and giving it to them. It’s like singing to carrolers on Christmas

  8. Mr. Kevin says:

    Maybe he’s born with it.

    Maybe it’s Maybelline.

  9. _____ ____ says:

    Where is the Friday comic? ARGH SO ANGRY

  10. Zach Kat says:

    Hmm Fletcher my dear boy….You are late…its seems I will have to deduct points from your sir chart of sirness.