261 – scare tactics

May 11th, 2012

261 – scare tactics

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if that hadn’t worked, I would have bought a gun and shot him

always have a backup plan!


Discussion (19)¬

  1. DJC13 says:

    Fletcher and Copernicus must have a lot of powers…

  2. Miki says:


    I want plumage :/

  3. Yeah! says:

    Can’t say how much I frigging love this. Words can`t describe! I better take a nap.

  4. That crazy guy says:

    Beautiful yet manly

  5. PsychoticBrit says:

    Corpernicus has a lovely swimsuit.

  6. Sambo says:

    It’s a good thing they went to the beach, Fletcher needs some color.

  7. Babzy says:

    Who needs a six pack when you have plumage?

  8. Hello says:

    Where are the ties?

    How is this Antics if there are no ties.

  9. Tana says:

    So awesome!!!!

  10. Goodbye says:

    Re to Hello…. They’re on the beach, they wear green and red swimsuits not ties silly……..

    ps. I laughed so hard. Copernicus seems a little um……fruity in the last one.

  11. Clarie says:

    Bully with pink underwear. Priceless.

  12. HarveyBirdMan says:

    Maybe the ties became the swimsuits?

  13. Oatie Oats says:

    Fletcher … is beautiful. So majestic.

  14. Plet53 says:

    19 comics for fart…
    54 comics for butt…

    Not sure what exactly this says, but I like it anyway.

  15. Herpythedurpfacedclown says:

    Not sure exactly what it says that you’re counting the fart and butt jokes, but I like it anyway!

  16. Dinosaurs1000 says:

    Last panel, shirt, dollars. (All of them.)

  17. Jim says:

    >>Beautiful yet manly

    No! MANLY! Yet Beautiful!

  18. PonyPie says:


  19. Red_peace says:

    I lol’d so hard I got an anyrism