038 – part of a balanced diet

October 19th, 2009

038 – part of a balanced diet

i have more respect for vegetarians than i’d ever admit to one in person

not so much because of their moral views and lifestyles

but because it must take a LOT of restraint to not eat such great food

bacon, steak and chicken nuggets are delicious how can you not eat them


Discussion (42)¬

  1. srsizzy says:

    I forgot about chicken nuggets!

  2. anon says:

    Because they’re gross.

  3. Nestor says:

    I’ve met some vegetarians who, when questioned actually ate less variety of vegetables than I did.


  4. N DAWG says:

    It’s not that hard, just takes some willpower. You’d be surprised what you can do with vegetables and a protein source like tofu. Give it a try sometime!

  5. James says:

    Chicken Nuggets? Really? They’re disgusting and I’m not a vegetarian.

    Bacon though ….. oh, sweet, sweet bacon.

  6. Fletcher says:

    okay admittedly chicken nuggets can be a little gross, but when you get good ones they are SO GOOD. i do actually eat vegetarian sometimes, but only when i get the meat sweats

  7. TheTrueHat says:

    I have just found and read through Antics, and I must say . . . You have a new fan! :D I love this site! Expect me to comment on most of the next comics from now on and can I be your friend?

  8. Fletcher says:

    sure, truehat! internet high five coming through

    i look forward to the comments :D

  9. TheTrueHat says:

    Heck yeah! Awesome :D

    And you can just call me Hat if you want Fletcher ^_^

  10. mecz says:

    I said the same thing about crack

  11. Fletcher says:

    sure thing hat, can do

    crack is okay i guess, the charm wears off pretty quickly

  12. Nane says:

    Chicken nuggets are delicious! I agree, i couldnt do it, plus I hate vegetables. Great comic.

  13. TheTrueHat says:

    I know a vegetarian, I love to eat BBQ Hot pockets in front of her ^_^

  14. spikyface says:

    I’ve been almost completely carniverous in the past (would eat meat raw sometimes too) and am a mostly raw vegan now

    Bacon I ain’t a fan of cos it just tastes of salt but I feel ya on the chicken nuggets, when they’re good they’re munchtastic

    Also, when I was in India and couldn’t get any meat food I went hunting the stray chickens that wander the streets

    Didn’t get as far as your comic book dude though, them chickens are fast

  15. Josh says:

    I just stumbled here. Your comics are hillarious I’m deffinatly coming back for more. Nice one dude!

  16. Josh says:

    This is funny! I agree with the comment about not eating meat: how could you resist the call of tasty, tasty meat! I need some steak…

  17. Ruka says:

    It’s kind of hard not to want to eat meat for the first month or two. But after that, you don’t even think about eating meat anymore.

    @TheTrueHat: I thought those were vomit-worthy when I ate meat. You sound like a tool.

  18. TheTrueHat says:

    At least a tool is USEFUL..

  19. J.D. says:

    i agree with Fletcher, how can u resist the smell a juicy just-cooked steak???

  20. Kelley says:

    It was hard at first to go vegetarian (I even had to slowly wean myself off various meats) but after a while you just get used to it, and the thought of eating meat just feels totally unappealing.

  21. matt says:

    pizza beats everything

  22. AAAAAAAAAA42 says:

    I love the last panel so much.

    (It’s even better out of context.)

  23. AAAAAAAAAA42 says:

    also, was it intentional that one of his eyes, plus his tears form the pi symbol?

  24. Ash.Rossy says:

    I’m a pescatarian, I love seafood too much, but i’ll probably cut out fish soon. I swear to god the Garlic chicken kiev’s I had today were actually made from chicken and not some flavoured mushroom! First time I’ve eaten Quorn and enjoyed it more than meat!
    Seriously though, there’s hardly any change, just a few less isles to go down, I already check packets of food because I’m allergic to nuts, so checking for meat products (like gelatin) is no biggie to me.

    Awesome comic though, i’m here from explosm :D

  25. Thaoiiees says:

    Respect up for Fletcher! :D Nuggets are WIN <3

  26. Andie says:

    I like microwave chicken nuggets. It seems I am eating an alive chicken.

  27. Sound says:

    I’ve never really liked bacon or steak – bacon makes me a bit sick, actually. For meats like chicken and beef, meat substitutes taste great to me, and have a bit of a “cleaner” taste.

    So besides the meat cravings at first, vegetarian isn’t too different for me.

  28. Mr. man says:

    I love you guys.

  29. Krakken says:

    Oh hey yeah.
    I forgot to mention that I’m a new fan and that these comics fill the dark void inside my heart.
    I finally feel…joy.

  30. Daniel says:

    Bok bok.
    Is that how chickens talk?

    Chicken nuggets are win, steak is win, but also, deep fried carrots are munchies!
    And oh, did I mention they are FATTENING?

  31. deviantfolower says:

    I ate a bad burger once and it made me never want to eat meat again for a monthor two and then I ate a steak…..

  32. Terri says:

    This my favorite anything ever.

  33. Xian says:

    Man, those chicken look tasty

  34. Isaac says:

    Reading through this makes me hungry.

  35. Joe says:

    hahahaha this is basically me!

  36. Pexkool says:

    I’m reading through your entire archive and I must say… this may be my favorite comic so far!

    I was brushing my teeth while reading it and I almost choke when I reached the last two panels! HAHAHAHAH


  37. lololol says:

    hah in soviet Russia chicken chokes you

  38. Bathysphere says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian since I was five. I honestly don’t remember what bacon tastes like.

  39. Mr. TV says:

    I just love how “3 veggies for a flat belly” advertisement showed up below the comic.

  40. Kyronic the Carnivore says:

    I got an ad for the 5 foods you must not eat.

  41. Fire Hobo Hunter says:

    @Mr. TV
    @Kyronic the Carnivore
    I got healthy eating and restaurant ads.

  42. Richard Duncan says:

    I just saw an article on BBC about dieting. I read this:

    “The diet also meant only defecating once every two weeks and it was nearly odourless, described by Fletcher as smelling like ‘warm biscuits’”.

    “Fletcher carried a sample of his own faeces around with him to illustrate this wonder.”

    Definitely one for a comic :)