224 – an embarrassment of minicomics

December 30th, 2011

224 – an embarrassment of minicomics

When I shake my juicy rump, they will be dazzled by the number of targets on offer.

And that is when I will strike.


Discussion (18)¬

  1. A42 says:

    He accidentally enrolled for butt school three times. Now he is Three Butts.

  2. BangaaBrute says:

    Awesome man. Aww…I like your mini-comics. Oh well, just more epic stuff to read later then. Thanks for making this comic btw…you are awesome!

  3. buttery barns says:

    you should at least color the ties… in the third strip I thought fletcher started talking (like in all the other strips) and then I was like “what? copernicus ate a scorpion!??”

  4. Photoocpier says:

    When fletcher has eyebrows I can’t tell them apart!

  5. Mr jingles says:

    i love these minicomics

  6. Craigstillion says:

    three butts are worst for inappropriate touchers… or was it better…. hmmm…

  7. wombatsack says:

    three butts is his pirate name

  8. glidder says:

    If your webcomic get pregnant, probably it’ll be my fault… i just love it so much D:

  9. Copernicus says:

    DAMN IT FLETCHER! I told you not to post that one of me eating your scorpion!

  10. Pablo says:

    Fletcher is a woman – no eyebrows!
    Then the fire makes him grow some, then lose some, then gain some – magic fireeeeeeeeee.

  11. Copernicus says:


    The fire isn’t magic. He clearly has fast growing eyebrows that got burned off in the fire, then they regrew… And the legend lives on!

  12. It's Obvious says:

    Fletcher is always on the left looking to the right, it’s even in the facebook profile pic. Correct me if this is not always the case.

    I’ve never had trouble telling them apart! Keep up the good work man!<33

  13. Jeito says:

    Ahah, I love this random humor of yours, thanks for the laughs!
    Can’t even begin to imagine how you always come up with the ideas :D

  14. Lavi deVoir says:


  15. :P says:


  16. Yum says:

    @buttery barns @Photoocpier the easiest way to tell the two apart is by checking which side they’re on. copernicus is normally on the right, while fletcher is usually on the left.

  17. Famous Chef says:

    A42-I love you. Have you been reading broodhollow?