204 – positively charged

October 10th, 2011

204 – positively charged

Copernicus, you look different. Did you polish your sword arm? Why are yo-




Discussion (29)¬

  1. Mod26 says:

    Haha, the funny thing is, that was my first thought too. Duck in a tree?! What is this? Japan?



  3. Ad says:

    That Sun’s so fat, I don’t think we can call it a yellow dwarf anymore.

    Chubby chub chub.

  4. Wait says:

    Hold on, there’s something wrong….

    cool sun with thumbs up without sunglasses?!

  5. volt says:

    haha, I love how the robot has copernicus’s tie!

  6. Sambo says:

    Not only is that duck in a tree, but apparently it’s singing as well. That’s one hell of a duck.

  7. Tim says:

    why does the robot have a tie on in the last panel?

  8. tigerlily says:


  9. Ducktail says:

    That duck is my God now.

  10. ExOh says:

    maybe the kill bots arent actually kill bots, i mean why else would he steal copernicus’ tie? maybe it just wants to be loved, poor thing cant hug anyone with that sword arm

  11. AetherBlade says:

    awsom duck is awsom.

    also, the random button only leads to 1 comic


  12. Owls says:

    Poor killbot. He just wants to be human.

  13. Kintrex says:

    The way you wrote Killbot’s dialogue there made me imagine it in a Russian accent.

  14. Rogue says:

    Permission to use that sun as an avatar on forums and such?

  15. Chris says:

    notice how copernicus and the sun are never in the same frame… wierd right! im pulling out the conspiracy card!

  16. krickit says:

    It’s… Not yellow… It hurts…

  17. BAT says:

    What if Fletcher and Copernicus were planets?

    Pretty sure there would be some butt volcano explosion right there, friggin’ gold

  18. Fletcher says:

    @Rogue permission granted!

    also @AetherBlade the random button should be fixed! As far as I could tell it worked with everything but Internet Explorer, but I fiddled with the link and it should HOPEFULLY work on everything now

  19. jeffhole says:

    I really liked Antics: the finale.

    it was a good comic, had a great run.

    i heard that new kill-bot spin-off comic is HILARIOUS

  20. Luke says:

    Do you listen to the Dave Gorman radio show by any chance? They did a whole show talking about ducks in trees and similar phenomena

  21. Brían says:

    Since someone else asked for permission, I probably should have..I’ve been using a picture of Fletcher in his eh..’gardening suit’..for my twitter for quite some time…also, Copernicus looks dashing in the last panel!

  22. Arzeik says:

    Love the sun ^^. The rest of the comic is just great, as always.

  23. Fletcher says:

    @Brian it’s absolutely okay with me! People are free to crop panels and stuff for avatars. I’d rather they not draw dicks on top of them or anything, but you’re free to use anything you like as an avatar :P

    and @Luke haha nope, I haven’t even heard of it! Just one of those crazy coincidences, I guess

  24. Johann says:

    The random button still only leads to one comic. For me, it’s about the strawberries :P

    I’m using Firefox by the way.

  25. Fletcher says:

    @Johann Is it working now? I hadn’t upgraded firefox in a while, and I had the same issue as you when I did

    I’ve fiddled with the backend of the site a bit more; it’s now working on the latest versions of Firefox/Chrome/IE/Opera on my end!

    If it ISN’T fixed, may I ask what version of FF are you using?

  26. Fletcher says:

    If things look a bit different, some links etc. have been rearranged in order to free up some space!

    Is that space going to be filled with an ad for the new book? Yes, yes it is.

  27. Johann says:

    Ah yes, the random button works perfectly fine, now. Good job!

  28. Randomexplosions says:

    I realize that this is a little late, but I don’t get it… Is he saying duck, as in getting to the ground, or is he referring to the bird?

  29. Fletcher says:

    @Randomexplosions the second one; fletcher is just noticing stupid little things, while ignoring the obvious chaos around him. It was pointed out afterwards that there ARE ducks that sit in trees, but I still maintain that it is really weird