Guest comic by Rob Cham

August 29th, 2011

Guest comic by Rob Cham

Here is a super sweet guest comic by the very talented Rob Cham!

Rob also did another guest comic previously, which can be found here

Check out how sweet his art is! Big fan right here (this guy)

Historical Laughter will resume this Friday, with part three (!!!)


Discussion (14)¬

  1. So much suspense for Historical Laughter now!

    Also, what was Georgia’s answer?!

  2. Ad says:

    “Ever heard of mudslides?”

  3. Fletcher says:

    @CoolNoises Everbeard posted “She enjoyed the comic very much :)” which hopefully implies a reaction of the best kind! Regardless, it apparently went down well :0

  4. jubjub says:


    He only does that if he goes to Brazil.

  5. iheartradiohead :3 says:

    how did fletcher and copernicus get to heaven? did they…….kill themselves?

  6. Simon says:

    Check out the size of Copernicus’ junk in panel 3

  7. :D says:

    @Simon . . . Why did I check???

  8. :D says:


  9. Boomer says:

    It does just say Later.., not how much later.

  10. FDSuprema says:

    WHY DID IT HAVE TO STOP THERE! I want to know too! D:

  11. :D says:


  12. Waffle Pirate (Wafflebeard) says:


    U IS WRONGZ!! TEH ANSWER IS NUMBER 3Fz it’s simple fletchmatics

  13. no seriously
    they said shit has been a more grave theological problem than sin