187 – an uplifting tale

July 25th, 2011

187 – an uplifting tale

later on the duck got even uglier

things just kept getting worse, the end


Discussion (37)¬

  1. Mod26 says:

    Love it…

  2. Faidollahor says:

    Finally got my fix, don’t ever do this to me again.

  3. Alchez says:

    How the heck does a duck get to have teeth?!

  4. wombatsack says:

    I didn’t think antics could get any funnier….. it just did!

    Life = MADE

  5. Flechtersmom says:

    I think its nice for copernicus, finally someone more ugly then him!

  6. Losthope19 says:

    I fully expected to find Jeffy in the last two panels.

  7. discord says:

    Oh man. This…this is great my friend.

  8. Kung Flu says:

    That duck is frigging hideous.

  9. Fletcherwannabe says:

    I didn’t sleep all weekend waiting, but it was well worth it!!! That reminds me a girl at the bar the other day,

  10. Lyrmbert Heckguy says:

    This is by far my favourite one in a long time!

  11. Pop says:

    i love his somber expression in the last panel

  12. Gabbar says:

    @faidohallor so that the teeth may look ugly.

  13. Nikki313 says:

    does the duck have a Donald Trump-style combover? I believe he does. :)

  14. Cynicism says:

    So that must be Jeff’s duck.

  15. Instigator says:

    I’d love to see the final panel on a t-shirt. I’d buy it!

  16. AdamGD says:

    This webcomic reminds me a lot of Beaver and Steve. Anyone else notice that?

  17. Li says:

    I share all the ugly features of the duck except for the hair.
    I’m god’s mistake and I don’t even get to be a duck and quack. Sigh.

  18. FriendlyGuy says:

    @Li you also have poor social skills and a terrible odor.

  19. chris says:

    dammit @Cynicism i was going to say that

  20. inspectra says:

    this is from the alternative Antics universe
    that one where Jeff is actually a duck

  21. Luis says:

    Story of my fairly recent life.

  22. Luis says:

    Well, not quite, actually.

  23. LEEROY JENKINS! says:

    Ummm… Crap! Who took all the Jeff jokes!?!?

  24. Melhet says:

    Jeff is the bastard child of a pile of turds and that duck.
    God wasn’t aware of the making of Jeff.
    He would have done something about it.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Panel 7: Fletcher begins making out with the duck.

  26. 10001110101 says:

    Actually, Jeff created God.
    Nobody cares about that due to the fact that Jeff is hideous.
    And God can’t help Jeff for he is his father.

  27. inspectra says:

    Jeff jokes are the new in thing, I sense

    “Did you hear about that time Jeff walked into a store? Everyone left”
    “Did you hear about that time Jeff walked into a bank? Everyone left”
    “Did you hear about that time Jeff walked into a bar? Everyone left”

  28. arzeik says:

    “you’re god’s mistake” … I loled

  29. TheHat says:

    Make the duck, as seen in the last panel, into a plushy and I will pay you all of my moniez for it.

  30. Rob says:

    I get the feeling you didn’t put a lot of work into this strip!!!! I want a good fletcher strip by Friday!!!!! :D Or else the duck dies!

  31. nate says:

    I remember Kirk Lazarus saying that line in the last panel

  32. Muniosi says:

    Antics book?!?! When did we hear about this?

  33. mooneee says:

    wow i just went through all your comics. i need a life. good stuff nonetheless

  34. Kerry says:

    is that next saturday!? that is almost 2 weeks without antics… im not sure the world will survive

  35. SomeDude says:


  36. chalupita39 says:

    Once upon a time there was an ugly duckling.
    He was so ugly that everyone died.
    THE END :D

  37. Fire Hobo Hunter says:

    I have fulfilled my purpose.