Guest comic by Grant Teunissen

July 15th, 2011

Guest comic by Grant Teunissen

Hello there, my pretties! I am otherwise occupied this weekend, so here is a guest comic by Grant Teunissen!

Grant makes a neato comic called Anything But Real Life seven days a week (!!), for which I drew a guest strip of my own a while back! GAZE UPON IT.


Discussion (14)¬

  1. girl says:

    epic beard!

  2. Chris says:

    i think yugi of the yu-gi-oh series should have made a guest appearance here, just sayin

  3. Niyx says:

    In surprised the “Sideshow Bob” look wasn’t a winner

  4. iloveradiohead :3 says:

    hmmm, this reminds me of a cyanide and happiness comic. i call plagiarism!

    actually, nah, it’s ok because antics > c&h

  5. itstimetohavethistalk says:


    NOT everything is epic.

    Notice, that the beard is even an attainable length. Clearly NOT epic.
    Someone get her a dictionary.

  6. Stephen says:

    I like the bald hair the best, and that crying pose just adds to the awesomeness of being bald.

  7. Rawr says:


    The definition of epic is “heroic or grand in scale or character”. His beard is certainly grand in scale. Lrn2grmr

  8. 10001110101 says:

    This reminds me of the hat contest.

  9. guy says:

    How are you guys doing that? (ha ha, references)

  10. Aveira says:

    I gazed upon the guest comic. I find salmon to be a poor substitute for the more shapely fugu fish. Also, I can use their deadly spines to attack potential rapists.

  11. itstimetohavethattalk says:


    Actually, that’s precisely what I was saying the beard was “not”, if you study my earlier comment carefully.

  12. The unmittigated horror says:

    I feel like this is first time Fletcher has said Copernicus’ name ever. on a side note, Copernicus’ beard is not, in fact, a “haircut”, thus, Fletcher wins. This is my conclusion.

  13. Herp says:


  14. common cents says:

    Just want to say, they all are awesome hairstyles.